The Product Group Cranes & Lifting Equipment has competence in the field of:

  • Lifting Equipment (EOT) and Hoisting Equipment: overhead Travelling cranes all types, underhung travelling cranes, jib cranes, revolving column cranes, wall cranes, goliath cranes of all types, cranes equipped with series lifting equipment, electric hoists and winches, belt hoists, electric chain hoists, pneumatic hoists, manually controlled load manipulating devices.
  • Tower and Harbour Cranes (THC): tower cranes, derrick cranes, floating cranes, site cranes, harbour and shipyard cranes, offshore cranes, container cranes, loading bays.
  • Mobile Cranes (MC): lorry loader cranes and mobile cranes.


  • Provide an European Forum to elaborate on technical and economical matters in collaboration with other organizations worldwide serving the same goal.
  • Representation of special members’ interest.
  • Development of technical documents and guidelines on European level (e.g. FEM documents and Position Papers) to promote technologies and expertise.
  • Development of statistics.
  • Provide information on the activities of the European Union and international bodies of direct relevance to the operations of reengineering to its members.


  • PG Cranes & Lifting Equipment Plenary and Board
  • Sub Groups: Lifting Equipment (EOT) and Hoisting Equipment; Tower and Harbour Cranes(THC); Mobile Cranes (MC).

Work in Progress

  • Tower and Harbour Cranes (THC) focuses on CEN/TC 147 WG P 2 and ISO/TC 96 SC 7, Machinery Directive 2006/ 42/ EC, Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, CEN/TC 147 WG 2 and liaises with the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) and ISO/TC 96 SC 7.
  • Lifting Equipment (EOT) works on statistics for EOT and Hoisting Equipment, several FEM documents and focuses on CEN/TC 147-Cranes, CENT/TC 168, ISO/TC 96 and IEC standards which are of interest for the Sub Group, foreign standards, laws, rules, tax systems.
  • Mobile Cranes (MC) focuses the mind on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, Engine Exhaust Emissions Directive 97/68/EC, Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC, Temporary work at Height Directive 2001/45/EC, road regulation, CEN/TC 147 WG P 1 and ISO/TC 96 SC 6 standards and liaises with American and Japanese Associations.

Free Technical Documents

  • FEM 1.007 Recommendations to maintain Tower Cranes in Safe Conditions – English version 11/2003
  • FEM 1.007 Recommendations to maintain Tower Cranes in Safe Conditions – German version 11/2003