The group  addresses the following products:

  • Lift Tables
  • Dock Levellers
  • Tail Lifts for Vehicles


The Product Group aims to promote the discussion of CEN standards, draft standards, proposed amendments, etc. between those manufacturers, from different EU member states, that are not directly involved in the standardisation activities. The PG will allow more manufacturers to understand the issues, offer opinions, suggest changes, etc. that may improve the standards and increase the overall industry knowledge.


  • Plenary Meeting (every two years)
  • General Meeting (meets as required)

Work in Progress

Preparation of a short summary for each product to promote the use of CEN Standards by companies within the European Union. The relevant standards are: EN1570: Lift Tables; EN1398: Dock Levellers; EN 1756-1: Tail lifts, goods; EN1756-2: Tail Lifts, passenger.
Industry guidance document on items that should be covered during the periodic inspection for each of the product categories.