The group addresses the following products:

  • Self-propelled industrial trucks
  • Pedestrian-propelled manual and semi-manual trucks
  • Driverless industrial trucks
  • Industrial wheels and castors


The main purpose of the Product Group is to safeguard the interests of the industry, in particular economic policy issues, e.g. statistics and all technical matters in the field of industrial trucks, including their accessories and components.
The Industrial Trucks Product Group is responsible for all subjects concerning:

  • Industrial Trucks (including variable reach and rough terrain lift trucks, self-propelled, semi-manual and manually operated)
  • Industrial Tractors and Trailers
  • All types of wheels and castors, excluding those with pneumatic tyres and rubber solid tyres for pneumatic tyre rims
  • Accessories and components for the above
  • Systems embodying the above products (including automatic and semi-automatic systems)


  • Plenary Meeting
  • Management Commitee
  • Standing Committees (Technical, Statistics and Wheels & Castors)
  • Working Groups

Work in progress

Committee “Technic”

The current work items of the various technical committee working groups include:

  • aisle width
  • periodic inspection
  • temporary use of working platforms with industrial trucks
  • floor requirements, tolerances for VNA application
  • foot protection
  • outdoor noise Directive (2000/14/EC)
  • new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Committee “Statistics”

FEM IT Statistics

  • Order Intake (monthly)
  • Deliveries (quarterly)
  • Exchange of delivery (quarterly) data of FEM IT with JIVA (Japan) and KOCEMA (Korea)
  • FEM IT report data to third parties (e.g. suppliers) (quarterly)
  • Official diagram statistics (annually, open to the public)

World IT Statistics (WITS)

  • Order Intake (monthly)
  • Deliveries (quarterly)

The current work items:

  • Quality improvement of data input – avoiding errors of magnitude in the data reporting
  • FEM IT reporting modes per country and brand
  • FEM IT Reporting mode following the EU rules
  • Statistics for industries

International Activities

Talks between the FEM IT Management Committee, the ITA Executive Board and the Board of JIVA and CITA (since 2008) take place annually in the form of an “Alliance”, alternately in North America, Japan, China and Europe. Major topics are the exchange of market information and statistical issues, legislations and regulations, engineering and the environment.

Free Technical Documents

  • FEM 4.004 Periodic Inspection of Industrial Trucks – English version 05/2009
  • FEM 4.004 Periodic Inspection of Industrial Trucks – German version 05/2009
  • FEM 4.003 Information of the application of the EC Regulation on the noise of forklifts 08/2009

Annual Factsheet

  • 2008 Annual Factsheet
  • 2007 Annual Factsheet
  • 2006 Annual Factsheet
  • 2005 Annual Factsheet